New Diary…kind of a cute one….

Hey guys, finally I am home from my tour and so sooo much tired. Gonna need a full week to recover I think πŸ˜…

But couldn’t wait any longer without posting this- bought a new diary from Nainital and it’s gorgeous. The shop owner made these diaries with his hands and they are simple but elegant.

I found a leaf near the Nainital lake road and picked it up, don’t know why but it kind of reminds of old days, like a warm cup of tea on a snow filled night. Bought it safely home with me and decided to paste it in my new diary.

Now guys, I am going to write a small poem near it, but the poem will be written by one of you my friends.

How amazing is that, I wanted to try this idea for forever and it seems like the perfect time.

What say?? Keep posting 😍❀️

17 thoughts on “New Diary…kind of a cute one….

  1. Hope you enjoyed your vacation 😊
    Its a lovely dairy..
    And here’s a little trial of contribution from me-
    Leaves leave back prints of the season πŸƒ
    Memories leave back footprints of a person πŸ‘£
    Hearts might be shut,
    Thoughts regretted.
    But memories still make a way..
    Seasons may change,
    So may change persons.
    But memories never fade away..❀

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