For You Momma

Lost in deep thoughts, suddenly a warm touch caressed my hairs and finally rested on my shoulder…
It’s been far too long, stop thinking about what happened
And look forward what is yet to happpen.

The words struck with me ever since.
– Pia Majumdar

This is for you momma, my constant inspiration, my buddy who pressures me to get married (acc. to Indian society’s mentality girls above age 25 become ugly, as their youth is gone; so we become unmarriable), my first positive person in life. Love you soo much.

Please don’t get me so married soon momma.

17 thoughts on “For You Momma

  1. Those were such beautiful words unveiling the ugly side of our society! But times are changing and definitely parents today are more focused on encouraging their kids to become more stable and channelized before getting hooked!

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