You Are My Sun And Moon

Hello friends, whatsup everyone, how’s your day going so far??

My day went awesome, well if you call studying whole day awesome then that’s exactly how I spend my days. Sooo boring ri8? Wish I did fun 😉

Anyways many of you have asked me why I don’t post my pictures, or of my partner, well guys I wanna answer this as frankly as possible.

First, it’s my choice, I am not comfortable with sharing that much. We should have some mystery left among me and you guys ri8 😉

And secondly, my blog is kind of a personal journal, every post that I write is actually I have dedicated to someone, so I respect my blog a lot.

Since WordPress have become a family to me, I have found many new and amazing bloggers here whom I cherish the most, I am thankful of that person who urged me to write. THANK THE LORDS that I did 🙂

Read the poem below-

Who needs the bright sun?

When I have you as my moon

Keeping me company

Even in dark hours

While staying hidden behind the light

During the blinding day

It’s all in the efforts

One takes in a relationship

Without which love is incomplete.

© Pia Majumdar

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