Hello friends, whatsup everyone, how’s your day going so far??

My day went awesome, well if you call studying whole day awesome then that’s exactly how I spend my days. Sooo boring ri8? Wish I did fun 😉

Anyways many of you have asked me why I don’t post my pictures, or of my partner, well guys I wanna answer this as frankly as possible.

First, it’s my choice, I am not comfortable with sharing that much. We should have some mystery left among me and you guys ri8 😉

And secondly, my blog is kind of a personal journal, every post that I write is actually I have dedicated to someone, so I respect my blog a lot.

Since WordPress have become a family to me, I have found many new and amazing bloggers here whom I cherish the most, I am thankful of that person who urged me to write. THANK THE LORDS that I did 🙂

Read the poem below-


Who needs the bright sun?

When I have you as my moon

Keeping me company

Even in dark hours

While staying hidden behind the light

During the blinding day

It’s all in the efforts

One takes in a relationship

Without which love is incomplete.

© Pia Majumdar