Last year during summertime I visited my aunt’s place. I was enjoying myself to my extreme, away from all the homework and studying but then my visit took a ugly and petryfing turn.

I was heading towards the bathroom on the second floor when I saw my cousin Trisha playing on the stairs.She was very pretty and jolly and used to make funny faces, trying to imitate other people’s faces.

She was busy making a funny face while sitting on the stair. I asked her what she was doing. That little thing told me she was copying the woman with the braid.

I looked around there was no one but only us. I asked her where is the lady? She pointed towards the stairwell, upwards.

I asked her what is the lady doing right now? Trisha replied, making funny faces.

I started walking upwards the stairwell when suddenly Trisha said something which made me stop in my way.

The lady’s braid is around her neck.

I asked her what are you saying, repeat again.

Trisha said “the lady is hanging by her braid, making funny faces”.

Then Trisha started to copy that lady and I understood the face she was making, it was someone grasping for air.