The Black Void

The Black Void

Hatred is a poison that fills your body. It becomes impossible to think of anything else but the object of your hatred. Sometimes if you don’t encounter the object of your hatred for a length of time, the hatred may dissipate throughout your body. You may be under the impression that the feeling is gone. The truth is that is has spread like cancer. It is very important if possible to tell the person who you are angry with how you feel. If this is not possible it might be helpful to discuss your feelings with others. In any case, do not let this hatred sit and poison your body. Just as it did to me, it destroyed me.

When I was small I was abused

The beating I took came straight from my brother

who used every obstacle to thrash me

That tears that I’ve shed were because of fear

Eventually, I became this child hard as a rock

with no tender feel

I became immune to the blows I received

I used to bleed, with red drops gushing my neck

The pain, it faded and my mind grew weak

but as my body grew stronger, I became this freak.

As I grew older it lingered in my mind

the memories I harbored never stayed behind.

I never started trouble, but if it came my way

I’d fight to destroy with nothing to say

The memories continue to haunt me today

I want it to stop, please GOD take it away.

Hey guys, this is a fictional post, nothing personal. I just wanted to write something like this for a long time. There are many among us who are treated badly, beaten or in a simple word- abused, daily, with nobody to help them. The world really is hell to these people and these issues should be protested out loud.

Hope people understand what really is going on around us, and try to stop these people from advancing any further in their life, the culprits should be hanged. Plain and simple.

30 thoughts on “The Black Void

  1. Hey Pia ! Appreciate the way you approached the sensitive issue and I sincerely hope your words instill the confidence in a sufferer to stand up and put an end to the wrong doing. It was beautifully felt by you as is evident from the poem.

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  2. This is such a sad and important thing to draw attention to. An important post and too true in too many circumstances. Thabk you for saying it was fiction. You had me worried for while there!

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