She Has Stars Shooting Through Her Veins

It’s painful for her

When the five pointed stars

Are shooting through her veins

But the pain is what makes her strong

Than the pathetic rest.

All of those years she tried so hard to leave it behind

to one day dream that she could be happy

without struggling inside,

but none the less she still felt bound

by memories she couldn’t lay to rest.

Awakened by her deepest fears

she sits silently in the dark,

abused by her own insecurities, tortured with her tears,

you could feel the pain throbbing in this poor woman’s heart.

Can you feel what she has felt,

A raped soul deprived of happiness?

Do you see what she has seen,

A destroyed woman left with wretchedness?

No, how could you?

Your perception is blurred.

The truth is written all over her body, evidence of what she has endured.

Each scar has its own meaning, a story I should say;

It tells us how she was one slash away from setting herself free

How a star was going to fall from the mighty sky

To be laid among the despicable.

But in the end,

she chose to rise instead.

©  Pia Majumdar



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