Am different now

In order to expose my heart and truly write,

I must release you- my old self, pulling me back

This is not about me,

It was never meant to be a way to gain recognition,

Another way for me to perform

On a stage, some sort of exhibition.

Yet I find myself hesitating to write my thoughts,

Trying to impress people I don’t even know,

It was only meant to be an outlet a therapy for me,

Never some sort of show.

Forced to hold back the leanings of my heart

I merely release a fluffy worthless shallow piece.

So this is my open message to you,

As I am different now, no matter how many times

I fool myself into putting on my old mask, I promise,

Your control over me will not last.

I will take you off just as quickly as I put you on

Because I want someone who reads these to truly see me.

To see me with all of my scars

Misfortunes and faith, I will put my heart out,

I will never aspire to be fake.

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