In 2015, I lost myself

It started to happen slowly, not all at once

I’ve lost myself because I longed to be,

Someone and something who was not me.

All the things I wished became a part of me,

And I lost my prior existence eternally.

The one you see before you isn’t me,

It never once was, and never will be.

I’m not being true to myself; I’m losing my soul,

My spirit – my thoughts that once made me whole.

I’m losing myself a little more each day,

I want someone who’s not too near… not too far,

Someone who will say “I love you for who you are,”.

But, alas, I’m losing sight of myself,

I’m losing my image… forgetting my wealth.

Why do I feel the need to be,

Someone who is not exactly me?

Why indeed? Why change now?

Why make that promise to change? That very vow?

Is it because I really want to be,

Something… someone… who is not me?

Let me try… try to become,

The one I threw away to be something new,

The one I threw out to hear the words “I love you,”.

The same one in which you loved once long ago,

The same one in which you grew to know.

Because, let’s face facts, I’ve become who I longed to be,

But that’s not the same person you want to see.

You want to see the one, who used to be,

The real person, the true me.