Still A Mystery

You are a mystery, like the infinite night sky,

While I was trying to uncover the truth,

You wrapped me in galaxies of your love.

Β© Pia Majumdar

30 thoughts on “Still A Mystery

  1. Wow I love this poem. Despite it being short (I don’t have a problem with it) it manages to convey so much emotion in so little lines.

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  2. Wow!
    Loved the last line.
    Here’s another quote related to galaxies
    “We are travellers
    on a cosmic journey.
    swirling and dancing
    in the eddies and whirlpools
    of infinity.
    Life is eternal
    We have stopped
    for a moment
    to encounter each other
    to meet, to love, to share
    is a precious moment.
    It is
    a little parenthesis
    in eternity.”
    *paulo coelho*
    Thanks a ton for the galaxies of inspiration!

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