Went Shopping Under The Sun

Hello guys, today I want to share how my day went, exhaustingly…… but in bullet points, here it goes-

  1. Planned to go shopping today (first mistake).
  2. Me and mom, we left for metro, in the already blazing sun.
  3. Reached metro station, bought two tokens then waited for few minutes.
  4. While entering through the gate some guy knocked out my bag out the door.
  5. I had to rush through the door to get my bag and then just ran off inside before it leaves me behind.
  6. Once inside I found that rude guy then gave him a piece of mind, thank god I wasn’t alone. I was pissed like hell.
  7. Finally, reached our shopping spot- Esplanade, Kolkata, it already felt like Sahara desert.
  8. As the bongs know (Bengalis) Puja days are coming, the whole place was literally crawling with people. Humid+ Lots of people= m not coming in the daytime, EVER.
  9. After walking like a zombie under the sun for 5 hours, our shopping was complete, FINALLY.
  10. Bought dresses, tops, shoes, clips, what else? Hmm oh yes- bag, pants, etc etc.
  11. Coming to the main part- ate momos, noodles ice cream and chicken roast- not all at once.
  12. My legs were hurting by now; mom was tired too so we decided to return.
  13. Bought tokens again, and entered the train peacefully this time.
  14. All in all, a day well spent.

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🙂  🙂



17 thoughts on “Went Shopping Under The Sun

  1. That was a hell of a day ,lol..
    I’m sure all your stress would have been vanished once start eating Ice cream, didn’t it?😉😉❤

    I spent my day on bed .Took proper rest after so long as I had holiday today.

    Btw where is post notification button?

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