Book Review, Finally

Hey guys I am planning to write weekly book reviews, or two times in a week. I have written book reviews previously but not regularly.

So what you guys think??

Should I start just now? Let me know, m waiting eagerly 😍

24 thoughts on “Book Review, Finally

  1. I don’t understand how anyone can read two books in a week let alone do reviews on them too! That sounds like a big task. But then I’m a slow reader… It can take me a year to get through two books. Though I do love them. I would certainly read your reviews if you decide to write them. Are you planning on continuing the flash fiction challenge anytime soon? I haven’t check in for a while because I’ve been so busy, so I don’t know if you’ve given any updates about it.

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    1. I am bringing the contest back next week, I had classes that’s why couldn’t host this month.
      Time just flew like anything.
      And I don’t read books, I gobble them up πŸ˜›πŸ˜…
      I read books in 3 days and if the pages are of 800-1000 then it takes me 5 days max πŸ’–


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