Hey people, hope everyone is doing well in the blogosphere. If you are reading this post then you too are confused, which bloggers should you follow, or finally hit the unfollow button.

The issue concerning the popular trend (“growth method”) of follow/unfollow has to be addressed and dissolved. If you’re not familiar with the follow/unfollow trend, it’s basically when people follow tons of blogs and social media accounts only looking for a follow in return. If they don’t receive a follow back in a certain amount of time, they’ll unfollow you. Even if you do follow them back, the majority of the time, they’ll still unfollow you. Sounds ridiculous and dumb right? It doesn’t matter how many blogs you follow, what matters is how much you read them on a daily basis

Friends, I’m writing this post because I’m passionate about building real, genuine connections and real, genuine growth. I am going to get super raw and blunt in this post, but please understand up front that this is not an attack. If you honestly feel attacked in any way, it is probably time that you have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Why blind following is not effective at all –

  • It Discourages Smaller & Aspiring Bloggers/Influencers- Something that I (and many others) have noticed about the whole follow/unfollow method is that it is a very self-focused method. While yes, you have to focus on where you want to get yourself in your blogging/influencing career, you still need to be aware of others. This method is fake, semi-sleazy, and breeds anything but authenticity.

So, if you are a blogger that has been using the follow/unfollow method, please think about what you are doing. It’s probably unintentional, but you are causing smaller bloggers to feel hopeless, it is not a good way to grow your blog.

  • It Shows Disregard For Other Bloggers/Influencers – Blogging and social media are all about community, right? Then why would you be participating in a method that goes against that? Maybe you never thought of it this way before, but seriously think about how this “growth” method affects others and not just yourself. The complete disregard that I have seen from some people who participate in this method is actually really quite saddening. It’s sad to me that people with the potential to have such great influence are participating in a method that goes against what they stand for…community.
  • It Wrecks Your Credibility- While you may think that gaining numbers by the hundreds or thousands increases your credibility, that’s not the case in the long run. Way back before this method started to get popular, I took notice of some of my favorite accounts that somehow went from having the same amount of followers I had to thousands more…within a few days. At first, I figured maybe they went viral or participated in a giveaway, but after looking into many cases, I noticed those were never the cases. So, I started to pay more attention to those accounts and others picking up just as rapidly. What I noticed is that even though they were gaining and gaining, the number of who they followed would go up and down by the thousands each passing day. While having a large following may inflate your brand and blog for a moment, it won’t stay that way if it’s done in an inauthentic way. Participating in follow/unfollow does not build up your credibility, it just wrecks it more.

Large follower counts look great and all, but if no one is actually engaging with you, having a large following is only hurting you.

  • It Shows Your True Motives – When you’re constantly following accounts only to unfollow them…what kind of motive do you think is read from that? Be real with yourself for at least a moment. What kind of motive does that reflect about you?

When you follow an account you’re saying, “I love your photos/what you represent and I want to see more!” You’re also, in a sense, patting that account owner on the back. When you unfollow after they give you a follow back, it immediately shows what your true intentions were. You didn’t care for them as a creative or photographer. You didn’t really like the content enough to stick around. You just wanted another follower.

One last thing. I don’t know about you, but when I get a new follower on my Blog, Instagram or Twitter it feels like a tiny hug. I get so excited! Don’t play with my heart. Don’t follow me for YOU…follow me because you appreciate what I offer the online world, ok? Follow others because you appreciate their work!

Friends, I want you to excel and succeed. But more importantly, I want your heart to be in the right place. You should want the same for yourself!

This is a generation of influencers who preach about authenticity but participate in methods that contradict that. If you want to get through to others by being real, you need to be real in your actions. If you want to encourage others to be vulnerable, you have to let your real self-be seen first.

Can we please just cut the crap? I know I’m being blunt, but c’mon! You have so much more potential than settling for this stuff.

I hope I helped you guys, now it’s up to you. You decide how you want your blog, social media to grow more positively, cheers everyone 🙂 ❤
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