She Died, I Couldn’t- Final Part

Neurotica person who is afflicted with a neurosis or who tends to be emotionally unstable or unusually anxious. Some people are neurotic in nature, they hide it behind their beautiful yet deceiving and cunning exterior.

Have you ever wondered, all those actions caused by you, how they are affecting people around you? No, you did not, otherwise, you would have stopped yourself from destroying those beloved ones, who loved you, instead you put a knife in their back. Wow, now that’s something.

Continuing from the 2nd part….. In the present –

From Pia’s point of view-

Somebody was banging my head loudly, and I wanted to bang them back, hard. Shruti was screaming over my head at top of her lungs, making my ears explode. wake up, please wake up, you don’t have to return to your job, just wake the hell up. It’s been 6 months since I last saw Benoy, or at least I think I did. For once, even his ghost was enough to make me afraid and want to hug him at the same time. What I did was horrible, but he didn’t need to die for it – thought Pia, every day.

It was not your fault at all, it was a car accident, which you didn’t cause dear, said Shruti, trying to convince me for the thousandth time. And like every day, it didn’t work, and the teardrops started pouring continuously

Since the last 6 months, tears and alcohol were her only solace. She wanted to disappear into oblivion, without having to deal with guilt or pain, caused by her boyfriend who lost his life in a car accident, where Pia survived, but he didn’t.

From Benoy’s point of view-

All my love, I wanted a great job with heaps of money and loyal girlfriend, to share my old age days with, but instead, I got a lying and cheating, hot but backstabbing girlfriend, who made out with another guy, while we were still in a relationship. That bugger has to die, today. Keeping his favorite glass of scotch on a table he called his mafia buddy Raghu and started enquiring about Mihir, the guy whom he was going to beat the shit up.

The next morning, Benoy, Raghu, and his crew reached in front of Mihir’s office and waited for him to emerge. Mihir parked his car and started walking towards the office, with his girlfriend by his side, totally unaware of what was waiting for him. Benoy instantly alerted the others and began moving towards Mihir, traping him from all sides. Raghu snatched his girlfriend and removed her from Mihir’s side and locked her inside the car, while Benoy and the rest of the crew started beating Mihir, heavily. For all the misery and pain caused by him, he’s going to pay for it, all of it. After that incident Mihir was hospitalized for 3 months, with 2 broken hands, 1 leg lost, and blood concussion in his brain, and physical therapy for the rest of his life. Benoy never wanted to kill him, he wanted to make him suffer, so he did.

One Year Back

Benoy called his dear friend Raghu and instructed him to crash their car, with Pia inside him, the main motive -to kill her, but sadly he didn’t succeed.

He tried several other things, poison, throwing her off the roof, but nothing worked, instead of all the way by proving his psycho and demented soul. While Pia loved him with all her heart, Benoy wanted to destroy her from her core.

Back to present

After the accident 1 year had passed while going to her job, now in a new city she spotted Benoy, with a yellow rose bouquet in his hand, and the same man whom she thought was dead. Benoy explained that he didn’t die in that accident, he was hospitalized for around 10 months including therapy, was moved abroad by his strict parents, and was cut off from all social activities ,that’s why he couldn’t contact her, well that was a lie , which Pia was unaware of so she gobbled up in an instant. After a few days, they went on a date.

Wow, baby, you look amazing, no words to describe you, my love, Benoy smiled at the thought he had in his mind and hugged his gf and kissed her. Pia blushed and melted away in his soft touches. Benoy slowly started to stroke her back with one hand and started to kiss her more forcefully with another hand now around her throat. He started to choke her while blaming her for everything that went wrong in his life. He accused her of cheating and slapped her hard. Pia started crying and then told him everything, how Mihir drugged her and took advantage of her that night while keeping a video as a proof and then blackmailed her for money.

Benoy didn’t give a shit and choked her throat till she couldn’t breathe anymore. After she died he kissed her for one last time, called the police and pinned everything on Mihir, with help of his rich parents he forged documents, evidence and so on. He was free from charge, while Mihir went to rot away his entire live hood.

After a few days, he went to visit Mihir in prison, and he knew his version of the story now. Mihir hatefully despised him and told him everything. He confessed that he drugged Pia, slept together and made a video of them, which he used to extort money from her. She didn’t have a choice so she complied if she didn’t then she knew the consequences.

That day Benoy cried hard, after coming home from prison and cursed himself, what has he done?

He killed her finally, but all for nothing. Now, for forever he was going to be tormented by his own soul, by the monster that he has become.

In his life, Benoy destroyed several lives, including his previous girlfriends, but he loved this one. Pia came and he fell in love with her, but that too ended with her because of him. His mentality, his jealousy, his psychoness- it destroyed everything.

This was the final part guys, hope everyone likes it 🙂

Here’s the link to the previous two parts-

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38 thoughts on “She Died, I Couldn’t- Final Part

  1. I am having a hard time reading part 2. The link does not seem to work for me. I don’t want to read part 3 without first reading the prior parts. Could you post a link to part 2 as a reply to this comment, so that I can try and give it another try? Thanks.

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      1. Yay! It works now!
        Great message behind the story – to be careful about how we act, because our actions have consequences and impact not only us, but others.
        Revenge was an interesting part to this story. And it’s so soul-wrenching that sometimes no revenge can bring us peace and happiness.

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