I Couldn’t, But He Did Part 2

Hey guys I am back with part 2, here is the link of my 1st part

Benoy? Are you alright? Benoy ????? What the fu** just happened? For how long are you gonna take revenge on that poor girl, she already paid for her mistakes, now leave her alone, please I am begging you. Your life is of much value and if you want to stay alive, and leave this revenge bullshit, you could have died today in that accident. Now stop all these games.

The game just started, for her, smiled Benoy while swiping the blood which dripped from his head.

1-year back

I love him a lot, but how can I go back?

Wow, karma truly is a bit**.  Pia Dutta, the star student of her college, most hardworking employee, and best gf ever, cheated on her bf, and it came back to bite her.

Pia where are you? I have been waiting for almost 1hr now, come down soon or I am leaving without you. “Coming baby”, only 2 min more. Benoy thought –girls and their dramas. It was their 2 yr anniversary, he planned a special getaway trip to Goa for 1 week. Benoy the head of his marketing department, extremely rich, handsome, kinda possessive and jealous, was in for a treat today, Pia smiled at that thought. She looked so hot and beautiful, and Benoy could not take his eyes off her. Pia wore a red ruffle midi skater dress, saved for this day, and wanted to surprise him. By the look of it, Benoy was thoroughly surprised, as his eyes moved up and down. With barely controllable emotions, they got in his car drove towards Goa.

Babu when will we reach Grand Hyatt hotel in Goa? asked Pia. Only 6min left dr. This 1 week will be damn awesome, they both thought excitedly.

They reached at 8pm, with barely any energy left, but the moment they entered their suite they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and resulted in celebrating their love and finally drifted to sleep.

The next morning Benoy woke up and hurriedly searched for his jeans, in his back pocket there was a ring, for his sweet would be fiancé, after keeping it safely in the drawer he went back to bed, took Pia in his arms and fell asleep.

She woke up around 9 with a terrible nightmare, like always, but this time it was different. There was another boy with whom she mingled and destroyed her relation with Benoy, also he’s currently unaware of this. She tried to tell him so many times what actually happened but couldn’t bring herself to it. She went to take a dip in the pool in the hotel suite without waking him. When she came back to her room, she saw Benoy on his knees with a ring in front of her, she was shocked and wanted to say yes, but no came out of her mouth. When Benoy asked her why she told him she can’t, she destroyed their relationship. Who’s the guy? asked Benoy. It was Mihir, she told him. Benoy was going to hit her across the face but stopped at last minute. He couldn’t bear the thought of his own love, with another guy, while they were in relation. They fought the whole week, their anniversary totally ruined. Benoy planned to pummel that guy to death, and also to make Pia suffer.

They got in the car and left the hotel, without exchanging words, only minute things.

The moment he dropped Pia to her apartment, he broke up with her and told her not to contact him anymore, also she’s going to die in hell, fu** off. Pia cried and begged him to take her back, she told him she loved him a lot but everything fell on deaf ears. He left her, crying in his seat and already calling his friends to gather information about this Mihir guy.

After a few weeks, when he was on his way to the office, he spotted Pia and Mihir at a café. He drove off silently after capturing a picture of them. By this time Benoy gathered all the information needed to destroy Mihir, his address, social media posts, office address, where he goes for coffee, his dating history everything. He was hell-bent on destroying them both. He started to make his plan.

Please, Mihir, leave me, because of you, my relationship ended. There are several words for you which I cant say them out loud because there are people around us. I  beg you to leave from my life. But how can I baby, I love you, said Mihir. And also I didn’t come to you, you came to me that night, remember. Pia can’t remember at all, she asked- what the hell happened that night Mihir?? He laughed and told her, enough to make you crawl at my feet, he said with an evil grin.

At present

I saw him die, in front of me. He was engulfed by hot flame, his flesh burning, but eyes fixed on me with a look which made her shiver from fear. How can he be back now? Maybe I saw a ghost. she went to sleep in her 3 room apartment, unknown to her with 3 CCTV cameras recording her every move.

Benoy thought you won’t be alive for much longer, my lovely Pia.  Start the count, the game is on.

Hey guys this was my 2nd part, thanks a lot for reading, sorry a bit long, my fingers are paining so much, but I really really hope you guys like this.

Here is the 3rd and final part guys   🙂


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