I can smell something rotting around me, maybe it is me. I am not sure anymore after what happened tonight.

All I can see is flames, surrounding me, the flame is searing into my skin, I can’t breathe, my lungs are filled with fumes and toxic gas. I can see him now, his eyes fixed on me, with a smile filled with happiness which didn’t reach his eyes. I broke his heart, still, he loved me, how could he? After all, I did he shouldn’t love me at all.

I remember now just before I was going to say that I love him someone crashed into us, our car flipped. We were not wearing seatbelts, he was thrown out of the window, in slow motion like it happened in movies. Except this was real.

Before I can admit my mistake, he was gone from me. I lost him, for forever…

But I needed to tell him something, everything, all of it, but now I can’t.


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