Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, week 10

Hello everyone, I am back with this week’s ‘Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge’ contest. I am so glad I posted it, as many writers came together and took part in it and I thank all of you. Looking forward to the next one people.

Sorry for posting the contest a bit late, I was caught in work and the time just flew as I forgot to schedule my post in advance. Stupid me 😉

The challenge is all about writing flash fiction stories in 100 words, revolving around a given theme. Each Thursday, a new topic will be posted and you have until the following Thursday afternoon to contribute, this is a super-open challenge, share whenever you like, as much as you like but within the first 6 days.
The event will be judged by me. The winner can put up an award post that he/she is the master of writing.
Guy’s it was incredibly hard for us to decide the sole winner, and here he is the title holder of last week’s contest is- Write Mania, congratulations dear, you truly deserve it all so well. Your post was short, scary and heart wrenching to think about.

This week’s theme is- ‘Cold

Here are the rules –

  1. Only one submission per user is allowed.
  2. You must link the original in order to be considered for the competition, i.e. pingback your post to my post.
  3. Word limit is strictly 100 words

Here are all the posts that were submitted, do check them out and give it a read, the writers are truly creative with out of the box posts from their creative minds.

They are worth the read –

Novus Lectio


Hey guys, I apologize as many of you couldn’t participate this week, I was really late in posting the contest. So so so sorry people here is the new one with a new theme. Can’t believe it’s 10 weeks old now, all because of you guys, thank you so much for taking part guys.

❤ ❤ ❤

30 thoughts on “Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, week 10

  1. No need to apologize! We all have lives that distract us from the things we want to do 😀
    For example, I was so busy last week I didn’t even get a chance to write anything for last week’s challenge.
    But, I found space today and wrote something;
    Some day… I will win this challenge and get to call myself a master writer!! lol

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  2. Aw man! lol. I just completed (not posted yet) an entry for “Hurt” I thought I still had a day or two left. I must of lost track of the time. My bad. All well. So just to be sure will you need the entry for “Cold” by next friday or thursday?

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