Who else thinks kids are assholes?

After arguing continuously for 9.7 mins, I had to leave my seat. My beloved window seat. And for what you ask, for a very very mean kid.
The brat started crying when I said no I am not leaving my seat as I came first, but noo. Who are us to make them understand, his mother made him understand but no avail.

After sitting for 2 min now, he spilled cola on my dress. Wow. Also threw his mom’s phone from the window, it went flying out of the running bus. We had to stop the bus to retrieve the broken whats left if the phone.
Brats, God damnit, really hate these kinds of children, sorry. Brats.

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73 thoughts on “Who else thinks kids are assholes?

      1. I have currently one photo of my daughter who is three in my blog called β€œWinning Silver 2018” and I am currently working on another blog tonight and hopefully be published and there is a photo of my youngest son.

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  1. Kids are always kids.Let us not forget that we were kids too at one time with our own unique kiddish behavior.In the long run ultimately the behavioral pattern of kids depend on parental attitude.If kids continue to be brats even as they become adults….I think blame goes on the parents.

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  2. I need one suggestion from u. They asking me to upgrade my quotations. For what reason I hv to upgrade. As I am new in blog. Don’t know much details.


  3. Oh. You had a bad start of day I guess. It happens. But you know it is not at all the kid’s fault. With such children there exists problems such as they don’t get enough attention from their parents as both parents are working. When kids behave like this, there are chances that he/she is seeking attention. Just try hanging out with him on a day off, play with him his fav games etc. You will discover a new version of him but please be patient enough.

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  4. Haha, I have a toddler who is a challenge and a half… we don’t go many places, lol. I just try to avoid situations where something like that might happen. Every kid is different too, can’t automatically blame parenting, totally agree when you say they’re just devils. Some kids just wear us to the ground and you never know if a kid might have a spectrum of ADD or Autism, in which case a spanking might be useless and they’re soooo much more to look after than what a “regular” kid might be expected to behave like. But even as a parent I still have those moments where I think “I’m really not a kid person, I just want time to myself.”

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      1. I don’t doubt it then πŸ™‚ And I probably do have more patience than what’s good for me, lol. I was more commenting in addition to all the comments, if that happened to me I’d be upset about it too.

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  5. That was quite a story. I’ve never actually seen a phone thrown out the window.
    How nice of you to move. I try to steer clear from those brats. A headache is the smallest price one must have to pay by sitting next to one.

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  6. My hand very much up in the air with you. Can’t stand when you go to see a film and they make noise. Drives me potty. Although, to be fair, I suppose it is the parents’ fault for not disciplining.

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  7. Didn’t even have to read the article before I answered with a resounding β€œMe! I do! For the love of God, make them stop!” Do these things ever grow up? Mine aren’t.

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      1. Too damn young to make me feel so old! They’re five, and I get to be at home with them which is awesome. Love being a Dad, even though it is sometimes…trying…

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      2. That is sad. Wonder what’s going on for that kind of ugliness to come out? Whole life ahead and in for a rough time if something doesn’t change. Still time to turn things around. Or so says the eternal optimist, aka me.

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