Old letters…

Hey guys, I wanted to ask all of you how many of you prefer handwritten letters. Maybe, for your mother or father or lil sister, or bf, how many did you write.

I myself in this age of instant message or dms still prefer written letters. Don’t know why but just love them, I feel it more intimate.

What you think?

If you are unable to read them, sorry man, I truly am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My handwriting is like a child- I know, quoting the obvious.

66 thoughts on “Old letters…

  1. Lovely piece..!!! Handwriting really gives a sense of ownership to what you are writing..when pen touches the paper, and whatever you write,it becomes so dear and personal..!! But there’s no one to write to..:( else would have loved to write letters..And yes, i could decipher your handwriting.. not that bad…:P

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      1. Satya bachan Pia…tum likhna shuru kar do…!! I remember the time when relatives used to send letters and all the post boxes and stuff, i loved dropping letters there..!! Nostalgia..:)


      2. I checked both of the links and man they are awesome 😍
        Really really really loved it, but as I don’t have a Fb account can’t follow them πŸ˜₯


  2. Pia you’re so right. Hand Written stuff is so much more memorable than any other thing. You know what I have a whole cupboard full of hand written stuff others gave me. Just incomparable!!

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    They’re one of the most beautiful things.
    Nothing can be compared to the feeling of opening an envelope hatily, excited to read the letter, and in turn, write a reply to it as well.
    Ahh. Forget blue ticks and last seens, the feeling stamps and your name on the envelope gives you, is absolutely precious❀

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      1. Hey if you haven’t already I would really fancy if you could go through my blog and leave some feedbacks or follow that’d just make my day

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      1. You are welcome.. I don’t know if you’ve heart that saying that penmanship actually tells one’s personality.. looking at yours, definitely tells that you’re an artist and creative.. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Wow you a doctor, that’s Soo cool. M friends with a doctor.
      Also not every doctor’s writing is bad,
      My doctor has an excellent hold on calligraphy, which I really want to hone one day 😊


  4. Yes I prefer hand written letters because I feel more important when I receive one. It’s more intimate and heart touching that someone managed to make an effort to write with their own hands. I wish I could still receive these kind of letters ! haha πŸ™‚

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  5. If you got promoted from assistant manager to manager does it means you have to do both the assistant manager and manager job both together.
    Like wise technology upgraded from pen to digital so it’s not necessary to still rely on pens.

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  6. I do love to write letters to my friends sometimes. You know hand written letters and notes have something special. I feel you leave a part of yourself when you write it on paper. I mean there is that personal touch. The emotions seem to be more real.

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  7. Interesting post. The last letter that I wrote was for my sibling. I don’t write them anymore. But, a handwritten letter is any day preferred over an email or a text message. πŸ™‚

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  8. I love reading letters and still write for a few of my very close friends as they love reading these things. I totally believe nothing can be compared to the feeling one gets when you receive a handwritten letter by a dear one. You feel so special and lucky. ❀️

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  9. Handwritten notes, for sure! They are far more personal. When the wife writes me a letter, it says more than if she had typed the same words and printed them out. Sadly, as my proficiency with the keyboard grew, my penmanship equally suffered. I might as well write with crayons at this point.

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