Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever – ‘Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge’ starting from today. This challenge is all about writing flash fiction stories in 100 words, revolving around a given theme. Each Wednesday, a new topic will be posted and you have until the following Tuesday to contribute, this is a super-open challenge, share whenever you like, as much as you like but within the first 6 days.

The event will be judged by me, Ushnish the Crown and The Shining Gem, the three musketeers. The winner can put up an award post that he/she is the master of writing 🙂
For the first week, the theme is – Horror

Here are the rules –

  1. Only one submission per user is allowed.
  2. You must link the original in order to be considered for the competition, i.e pingback your post to my post.
  3. Word limit is strictly 100 words

79 thoughts on “Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Hey! I am new to this, so please help and instruct me like how to do it?? I have no idea hoe to post and how to submit the entry! 🙂

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    1. write a entry revolving around the theme given, and link my post to your post. it will appear as pingback.
      for eg write- Masters of writing flash fiction challenge in your post then copy my post’s link and insert the link from your post editor to these words. done 🙂

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  2. Hey! This sounds fun! I love the prompt for the week. Would participate for sure. I am supposed to link it back to this post only or the ones on the other bloggers’ posts too?

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      1. Yeah. You can do that. Else you can put use the hyperlink option while writing the post.
        Copy the URL of this post.
        Type “Flash Fiction Challenge” or something similar in your blogpost, select it and click on the ‘Insert link’ icon in the formatting bar.
        Paste the URL of this post in the space provided under URL.
        You are all set to publish your post!
        Come back to this post to make sure that your pingback has been created successfully.

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      2. hehe.. Because I hold a weekly prompt challenge too. I see people facing issues with the pingback thing. 🙂
        Btw I’d love it if you participate in my prompt thing. This week’s would surely tempt you and Ushnish. It’s your fav genre this week 😉

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