Ria Diaries Episode 7: The Final Twist Part 1

“Mr. Bose, you look pale after the phone call? Anything wrong?” Uncle questioned the honest looking man.

“It was him again, forcing me to get into this business, threatening me day and night to be a part of this drug cartel case you and your little niece cracked a few weeks ago. The channel is quite strong. I can tell you the exact spots where they are.” Mr. Bose in a panicking tone.

“But how can we know you are not directly into this Mr. Bose?, I asked.

“In so many of my political years, I have never been dishonest, and I won’t be now as well, please they are threatening me, believe me.”

Mr. Bose is a well-renowned politician who is truly known to people for his integrity. The pillar of his political party. Lives pretty shaggily, unlike countless others. Has no family. He even resigned from his ministerial post stating it drives away from working for the common people. He is always part of the common people no doubt, running numerous charities from the money earned from his Toothpaste business, keeping nothing for him. Most importantly, he seems trustworthy.

Suddenly Uncle stood up in anger, “Tell me the name, Mr. Bose…Tell me that I am correct in my guess who it can be?”

“I don’t know his name, he lives in the shadow. His secretary is the primary face always, negotiating, some Ajay. It was Ajay who called me just now. I only know the code name of this cartel, The Arbie Company.”, Mr. Bose replied.

Uncle suddenly turned blue.

“Arbie Arbie, have we heard this name before?” I enquired.

“Yes, not once but many times, my god I can’t believe all of them are connected.”

“What? You didn’t tell me that”, I said with irritation.

“There are some things you should not know my dear, this is a secret which I won’t say to you. Not now.”, Uncle with a tensed voice.

I didn’t ask him back, as I have never seen Uncle being so strict with me. I count him as my Father figure, without him all of these were useless. So, I controlled my anxiety.

“Give me the number Mr. Bose, let’s track this bastard down…”

“Why don’t you Policemen hear him speak? Tap the call, I am calling him right now.”, Mr. Bose replied.

And all the equipment required for tapping were brought. But I was in someplace else, trying to recall about “Arbie”. I don’t forget, must find it inside my head.

“Ria, sir?”, the voice of Uncle came to my ears.

“Yes, let’s call…”, Mr. Bose redialed that number, showing it to all of us.

“Hello, who is this?”, from the other side of the call.

That voice, the whole police unit looked at each other in awe.

“Hello, you called me?”, a repeat of the voice.

Uncle signaled Mr. Bose to cut the call.

“Sorry, wrong number.”, Mr. Bose cut the line.

“I knew it, it is Inspector Sikdar…That bastard…That’s why he transferred Bakshi away and giving the fault to some politician who never existed. Mr. Bose don’t you worry we have the evidence and your diary. Thank you for coming to us. We will get him. Team got the location where he is now? Let’s go immediately.”

“Yes, let’s go”, I also got up.

“Where are you going? You get back home now. Hey, who is there? Take her back home now to safety.”, Uncle screamed.

“But why can’t I go with you?”, I craved.

“No means No…It’s for your own good. Go home. I am asking your Aunt also to join both of you and your Mother. I will be back by night. Till then no one goes out of that house, understand? Now go, don’t delay.”, Uncle in a harsh and strict tone. He is damn serious now.

“Okay, I am going…”, I in a crying mood.

I was dropped home. Aunty was already there as I reached home.

“Want to eat something?”, Mother asked me.

But I was not in this world, puzzled by two things, Uncle’s reaction and yes “Arbie”.

“Arbie Arbie Arbie Arbie…”, I kept murmuring.

When suddenly I remembered. I have heard this name from my Father…Then did Arbie had to do something with his murder??

Ria Diaries…

Episode 6 is of a weekly detective series initiative by me- Pia Majumdar and Ushnish the Crown. Stay put for the next one…Cause what seems to be obvious, may not be that easy…

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