Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 1

I recently got nominated by two amazingly awesome bloggers- Tinte and This-door-is-alarmed, it made me think what should I post as the first quote. With so many quotes literally buzzing inside my head, it’s really hard to choose one, but I still have two days left to post two new ones.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days, or whenever the mood strikes you.
  3. Nominate three bloggers for each post.

First one…..

quote- pia majumdar
I always get strength from this line, whenever I am sad or feeling bad about something.
The words really spoke to me after I finished writing it; it struck me what a powerful line it truly is. We need strength and courage to achieve what we want the most even when our surrounding is plotting against us.

I nominate –

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