Maira, did you take your pill on time, asked the nurse. Yes, I did, now stop bothering me, the nurse left silently, cursing her luck as she locked the door on her way back.

How dare you accuse me like that , I loved you and this is what I get in return, Maira spewed venom towards Shivam , her boss and her 1year affair, do you really expect me to believe you now, when you are the one who killed me, Maira threw Shivam out his office window during night time after she found out he was cheating on her with her very own best friend, after a heavy round of argument and object throwing , wow best friends are our whole world , and when they betray like this it makes us turn the world against them, and not in a good way.

During night, for almost 6 months after that incident Shivam visited her daily in her cell, mostly they argued, Shivam tried to justify himself what happened that night – Maira was crazy and possessively over jealous and he was going to dump her as she was becoming unbearable. Maira threw the only chair present in her room at Shivam, it hit him hard and he began to bleed, she cursed him, this went on for 3 yrs, ultimately she committed suicide in her cell, Panache Mental Asylum, where the was committed after murdering Shivam.

The nurse outside who guarded her cell, sometimes talked to Maira, gave her medications and often calmed her down, wondered – was the girl really in love with the man whom she admired so much that she killed him, psychotic ?or was Shivam real?if he was then how did he visit her every day in her cell, because she never saw anyone visiting Maira.