Downward Spiral

There is a dark presence in every one of us, but we acknowledge to ignore it, boy sometimes that works wonders for us.

I am sure you are familiar with a spider’s net, so intriguing in its own way. The curves, the unending pain of the stuck victims, which strikes fear in its prey’s heart. With the final fatal blow-in the form of dying, bitten and eaten alive by some monstrous creature, thus choking the life out of an organism. All of this happening, in the shadows, waiting for the darkness to engulf the light.


There is an old saying – “you get what you deserve”, but some get so little, which is beneath them. Bad things happen, even much more to good people.  Those who make us suffer, are doing it from the shadows, shadows that we cast, without our knowledge.

You and I, we matter, we all matter.


There’s a devil walking among us, he’s been among us for quite some time. You have never heard his name, never seen his face. He stays in the shadows, hidden from all, causing destruction while the truth writhes away in pain. Because men like him, they want to control our city, our life, and finally us making us do horrible insufferable things.


Sucking the life out of someone slowly, as the moment pass us by, with rapt unblinking attention given to the person in front of us, at our mercy….makes things interesting. Little did I know, soon I will be prey to this devil’s web of lies and deceit.  Ultimately being framed for murder, which I did not commit.


 In present


Good morning Sir, are you there? I asked my dear professor of 6 years if he wanted to go to university for submitting the paper, on which we both worked so hard to publish it finally.

Hands in air Miss came a screeching voice with loud humping and crashing sounds from the door of professor’s office. Mr. Singh curled up on the mattress with blood oozing from several stab wounds on his whole body, lay there in front of me, with a knife covered in blood which I pulled out, jammed in his throat because he was trying to say something. Police came and arrested me as they believed I killed my long-term friend come mentor, but I didn’t do anything.  I was being framed by someone, someone who wanted me gone for what I know will hurt him deeply.

My whole life flashed in front of me, as I went to jail. I was innocent but no one believed me. But someone out there will, I know.

 ‘She has no idea what hit her, and what is about to come’, said the man. The car drove away leaving the station and media behind.


Hey guys, this is the first part of my next thriller series, stay tuned for the next part, I will post it soon. I hope people appreciate and love this one.  Cheers 🙂


Here is the 2nd part – Downward Spiral, part- 2



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  1. So so beautifully written!
    I would love to

    I just started blogging since a week!
    It would be great if you can give me your feedback!:)

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