Downward Spiral, part- 2

The human anatomy is a delicate and intricate set of work, done precisely to excel at many things, including their primal urges- mating, self-preservation, and killing.

There are several parts of our body, functioning in their own separate ways, yet in unison. But my favorite is the neck, so delicate yet agile. From a single slit sideways, we could behold the beauty to the whole world, the warm blood gushing downwards the chest, the melodious sound of one’s choking, it really warms my heart. Also, I stabbed people several times, until they stopped writing, have done it several times now, it was my forte, I finally found my inner peace.


Good morning Sir, can I rent this book today?  I promise to return it tomorrow.

As a librarian in this university, I found this petty requests so tedious and boring, but as it was my job to oblige I composed myself, signed the book and returned to my desk. The girl was of hardly 20 or 21, petite and slender body with a beautiful face. I found her address on her card slip and wrote it down, for later use.

It is so painful to watch these little people wander around, unknown to the possibilities what could have happened to them if I was not here.

That night, I reached the girl’s house during 9pm, nobody was home except her, I knew this because  her parents worked in this university, and today the authorities threw a party for all the members. After knocking for 5 times, the girl came down and opened the door, she was shocked at first seeing me at her doorstep, but then who would doubt their librarian or what he is going to do next. She invited me in and went inside to bring me snacks; I caught her midway to the kitchen and then her struggles began.

From the start, I began planning and then carrying out murders splendidly.  Once I unsuccessfully tried to kidnap someone, and then I  broke into people’s houses because even though they weren’t there, it made me feel controlling and powerful, kind of empty inside as there was no one who ever understood me, but the ultimate satisfaction was to watch them beg for mercy. The girl, Maecy was so helpless in my arms just what I dreamed it to be.

I broke into a lot of houses, stole watches, clicked photos of the deceased but it’s just like what people write in books. The fantasy is better than the crime—because in my fantasies, everything is always under control. I played the director and the lead actor, it’s just like watching a movie. I see myself committing the crime, doing all the things I did in real life, only without all the

headache or frustration. Because in real life things never quite turn out the way I wanted them to. My victims always seemed to react in ways I didn’t plan and I liked it.

I tied her up after several attempts of her arms flailing and then I slit Macy’s throat; from one side to another and shut her mouth up, she moved for a few more seconds and then went pale. I left her there, in the kitchen for her parents to find, cleaned myself up and left the house.

I have to visit my sister now, who is in jail for something she didn’t commit. It was me, I framed my sister for the murder I committed and now she will pay for what she did to me. Pia has no idea what hit her.


Hey guys, I know it’s a long read and I am thinking of making it into a series, I hope everyone likes it. I am really excited about it.  🙂

You can check the previous part here- Downward Spiral

3rd part is coming soon 🙂


53 thoughts on “Downward Spiral, part- 2

      1. please be regular in posting the series.. the first part was posted long back.. had to go back to remember what i read almost a month back 😛

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      2. I understand.. What you can do is write posts and schedule them.. That’s what I’m also planning to do for April.. 😛 Btw I never asked, what do you do?

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      3. Ohh.. I tried last year fr SSC..but found out that it wasn’t me. Currently doing Masters in Journalism and Mass Comm.

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  1. You have a way with dark mysteries. I feel my own devil stir a little, reading your writing.

    Haven’t done a short so far but soon…!!

    PS: Feel free to check out my musings and other shades safely, till the darker ones emerge….😁

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