Ria Diaries Episode 6: Dripping

“Ria wake up, your uncle is calling you downstairs”, I heard mom’s urgent voice from the cracked door.
As I hurried down the stairs, I couldn’t shake an unpleasant feeling inside, that something terrible is going to happen.
“Ria why were you so late? Anyways Mr. Bakshi is getting transferred to another station, tomorrow morning saw the letter today evening.”
“But where is he being shifted?” I asked without further ado.
Uncle replied- “Away, far away; a very secluded place.”
I knew something like this was coming, since the moment we met I could not trust the man even for a single second. The timid look in his eyes, swift movements like a snake and passion for hurting people, did not constitute a man constructed for a policeman. For a sec, I was glad that he was going away but then I remembered that we are currently going through an active investigation against an unknown politician whose responsible for smuggling and doing drug business. Hmm, wow it’s becoming hard to manage all at once now. Tomorrow is a new day, am really excited to meet this person
who’s capable of doing such inhuman things to poor people. I will catch him, soon.

On another side…

As my body no longer produced its own natural chemicals to manage pain, when the drug was not replenished, I went into withdrawal. I never experienced this before, because of the withdrawal didn’t occur with occasional use, but after time, as I used more and more, and needed more and more drug, the abrupt removal of heroin was devastating. My whole childhood got wasted in drugs, pushing needles into my lifeless pale arms, I realized something, I need to disperse this colorless liquid among the people and give them exactly what they want- release from reality, while I make a fortune. I started the business on a very small scale, concealing my specially smuggled drugs into small medicinal bottles. And look where I am now, I have my own political party and my business boomed from a little shack on the streets to thousands of rupee net worth. I made it on my own terms and I would not let anyone destroy me, not even a petty wannabe detective, she is being naïve.
“Ajay? Where the hell are you?”, My assistant is absolutely useless when I need him, but I wanted to know that Bakshi moved to the new location or not. For years, I paid him in huge amount as he did all the police work for me, but now he’s working against me? And I am supposed to do what, sit quietly? No, I sent him back exactly where
he came from- a shithole. “Sir, all the new load came this morning and we need to move it immediately as the police are tailing behind us”, Ajay said breathlessly when I called him the 4th time. This police business is messing with my time and I can’t tolerate it anymore. It’s time we meet, finally and end this for all.
‘Ajay call Mr. Chowdhury to set up a meeting today’, I told him and he did exactly as I told him to.

Later that day…

“WelcomeMr. Bose to our office, but we should have come to you instead, you shouldn’t have wasted your precious time”, Uncle said to a pale, intimating and a fierce looking man whom I instantly disliked.

“I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t serious Mr. Chowdhury, someone is trying to implicate me in drug cartel business and I need your help to sort it out” Mr. Bose with an exasperated and irritated look on his face, and another feeling which I can’t describe.

Well, the table turned around very swiftly, quick in a single motion. The man we had soft evidence and whom we were going to arrest eventually against came to us for help as someone was trying to him up. What the hell just happened?
Suddenly, in the safe house, Ajay got a call, “Disperse the new load in medicinal bottles and distribute it to our local dealers as soon as you can create a diversion while I am handling the police and leave no trace behind”, Mr. Bose ended the call abruptly.


Ria Diaries…

Episode 4 is of a weekly detective series initiative by me- Pia Majumdar and Ushnish the Crown. Stay put for the next one…Cause what seems to be obvious, may not be that easy…

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