Ria Diaries Episode 4: The Haunted Warehouse Part 2

Continuation from the first part…

Vanished into thin air.

“Oh my god that was a real ghost, I don’t want to die here, what have I done…”, shouted Mr Bakshi.

“Come on Bakshi, gather courage, you are a policeman for God’s sake!”, argued my Uncle.

But I was in my own mind, lost, what have I seen? A real ghost? This can’t be happening, when suddenly, two giggling sounds came.

A couple, pale and white, lifeless, passed by us holding hands, skipping away fast, appearing and disappearing. Yes, the ghosts of the dead couple found here before.

Now my Uncle started to freak out as well.

“We have to find another way to get out, surely there has to be another way”, I shacked Uncle off his imagination.

“Yes yes, Bakshi snap out of it, we must move towards the other side, Ria, stay with me. Don’t get separated.”

“No no, this place will kill us, and our souls will be trapped here as well…”, Mr Bakshi crying out.

Uncle started pushing him, gathering some courage, cutting through the course spider webs. I was continuously trying to get a phone call, but no tower at all.

“Leaving so soon?”, a female voice spoke out.

Tuhi re tuhi re, tera bina main kaise jiyoon.” That same voice sang…Beautiful voice…

As we looked up on the balcony, it was her, yes the woman behind all of this. The ghost of the woman. The blood from her forehead dried up, turning totally black. Eyes soring, tired. Her recent spooky figure clarifies she was once very beautiful.

“Who are you?”, my Uncle asked the ghost.

“Don’t you already know that? You have come here to be my friend? I never had one when I was not like this. My husband always kept my lock. The only time I was able to escape that prison, I decided to end my life. Here I came.”

“Why here?”, as the conversation continued between Uncle Roy and the ghost.

“I wanted to destroy my Husband’s life. The factory was always going to shut down after such a scandal flashes out. So this was the perfect spot to finish my life off. That roof from where I jumped off. I caught my husband there one day. Look at that demon now, tamed by me.”, the ghost of the man reappeared, smiling. Mr Bakshi is unconscious now. He fell on the floor. Uncle still stern.

“And what was the fault of the couple?”, he asked.

“No one comes here, this was my curse. And these two lovebirds came here to make love. I got no love, I won’t let anyone else get it either.”, the couple’s ghost also came up, having the same grin on their face as the man.”

“We are totally cornered, now what to do? Ria why aren’t you speaking?”, Uncle whispered.

“Now as you have entered this mansion, you will have the same fate as the rest of them. Will love two handsome men as my pets…Ha ha ha ha…Ready for the damsel look that killed them all?”, saying this the phantom started transforming into something bigger…

My uncle closed his eyes, and shouting “Noooo…”

“Uncle snap out of it…”

“Wait, what, Ria I can hear your voice but where are you?”

“Up here”

Uncle was astonished to see me standing beside the ghost on the balcony.

“How did you get up there??”

“When you were talking to her, I sneaked my way up to the staircase. Thought she would notice me. But no reaction at all as I escaped her sight.”

“Why are these ghosts freeze now?”

“Video recordings nothing else, well programmed to answer specific questions. I found the control room up here.”

“Wait Ria look out, behind you…”

I quickly turned around to see a man trying to attack me with a bat. I somehow dodged it and started running down.

“Hands up you”, my Uncle took out his revolver. The man tried to escape. Uncle pulled the trigger, the man got shot in his leg.

“Come down Ria fast, and wake this Bakshi up. God damn it!”

I started slapping him, “wake up Uncle Bakshi, wake up”.

“Am I in heavens?”, with a drowsy voice, he asked.

“No you are not, now get up you have to help Uncle.”

And here starts the war.

Alarmed by the sound of the gunshot, more goons started appearing from various doors. When suddenly the shutter door opened. It was Uncle’s police squad.

A bitter gunfight…

Uncle took me to shelter to his car out of this mess. I closed my ears and bent down. I have never seen a real shooting.

Finally, the boom sounds stopped, it was dawn now. Uncle came back to pick me up from the car, “Ria, don’t be afraid it’s over. The raid has been successful. Caught every single one of those bastards.”

I slowly came out. A huge police force came to the scene, to get all the goons.

“Inspector Chowdhury, hello I am Inspector Sikdar, boss of Bakshi here.” A job well done, I must say. You have managed to scramble one of the biggest drug depots. Hats off to your courage. And Bakshi I am proud of you.”

“Yes sir, it is I who called them here to investigate privately…”

“Ahem ahem, we know Bakshi. But the true credit goes to my niece here, Ria, you brave, brave girl.”

“How did you understand all of this was fake?”, Mr Sikdar asked me.

“Well that trick worked, I tried to flee, while it was talking to Uncle. She did not follow me. As I was going upstairs, I noticed a small projector from where the video was being played. It was underneath dense Spiderweb. That gave a transparent effect to the scenes. Then I finally managed to go up to find a small control room, having the computers playing the video, microphones and lots of scanner triggers and yes circuits to stop phone connection. I know because I saw one as a college project by my friend. I somehow disconnected the circuits to call Uncle’s police station. Thank god I did it, or else something worse could have happened. It was a well-programmed show, almost to perfection. Even they produced synthetic spider webs to make us feel this place is really abandoned.”

“And the mist in the place actually caused more fear in you. It is also a drug in gas form. Too much of it can scare you to death.” Said Inspector Sikdar.

“Yes Uncle, the next video clip was scary indeed, I stopped it just before play. I wasn’t affected much because I closed my nose while entering the warehouse with my hanky. That saved me from too much illusion. Affected Mr Bakshi a lot ”

“Huh, you naughty girl, I was so brave in there”.

“Hmmm, everything is fine. But how did they know we were coming?”, Uncle stated.

“That will be our job to find Roy, a big thank you to you and your Ria for helping us crack this case. Now let’s go the media is waiting for you three…”

Somewhere Else

“Sir the old warehouse was busted this morning…”

“Hmmm…Who was the head of security there?”

“He is in police custody, sir…”

“I will pay him a visit, and call Sikdar will you? I just don’t like such people. Changing sides…”

“And what about Sub inspector Bakshi?”

“He is just a pawn, he won’t harm us anymore. The main players are giving a proud interview on TV.”

“The duo sir?”

“Yes…I think its time for me to meddle in this. Let’s see what the dynamic duo, Roy and Ria can do…Eagerly waiting to meet them in person.”

Ria Diaries…

Episode 3 is of a weekly detective series initiative by me- Pia Majumdar and Ushnish the Crown. Stay put for the next one…Cause what seems to be obvious, may not be that easy…

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I am really sorry couldn’t post yesterday due to connectivity issues. Here’s the latest one- enjoy 🙂

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