Ria Diaries Episode 3: The Haunted Warehouse Part 1

The calling bell rang…It’s 10 PM. Who could it be?

“Roy, at this hour?”, Mother cried…

“Where’s Ria? There you are, get dressed we have an interesting case you will love it…”

“Do you find this a joke every time taking my dear daughter to cases like such? Last day I heard she was examining a dead body? How could you Roy?”, my Mother continuing the onslaught on my Uncle.

“What’s the case? Your eyes are shining in thrill…”, I asked.

“I will tell you on the way. Just come on…”, Uncle hustled his way back to start his car.

I can never refuse my Uncle, neither can Mom resist him from taking me. After my Father’s death, Uncle and Aunty were our prime supporters. My Father was a police officer too. He was killed. Shot straight into the chest. But the killer left no clues, nothing. There is a reason I do not fear dead bodies, specially after seeing your own Dad’s. I am stoned since then.A stubborn kid who decided standing at his funeral, that I will be a detective, and I will bring my Dad’s murderer to justice. Just the way he believed in it…

“Ready, seat belts on, we are going for a drive…”, Uncle in an excited tone. Normally he is stern in cases. This one must be different.

“Uncle, why are you not in your uniform tonight?”

“You never fail to notice, my niece, yes because the case is not under my zone. My friend, Officer Bakshi requested our help on this one…”

“Now stop smiling and tell about it already…”

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

Now my eyes glittered also…Seriously a haunted case wow…I dreamt of this.

According to Uncle’s explanation, there is an old ware house, near the river port area, which has been abandoned for years now. Many promoters eyed the wide space area, perfect for building complexes. But as soon as they hear stories about it, they step back. The owner of this warehouse was a psychopath. He used to torture his wife, wrath out his daily frustrations on her, raped her. Tired of all these, the poor lady, jumped from the top floor of this warehouse. But the man never cared. He started dating other women, just the next day she died. One night, the owner of that warehouse, was found dead, in the warehouse. Had an awkward expression to his face…Another incident is also there, where a local young couple, went inside the empty warehouse, for some privacy, you know what I mean…But sadly it wasn’t happy for them. As missing diaries were lodged from both of their families, they were found dead having the same expression on their face that owner had…Now one ghost caused so much damage, people around suggest there are now four of them in this spot.

Many have claim to see flashy lights coming out of the rooms, where no one dare enter. Many even saw ghosts face to face while passing by…Shadowy figures, white pale bodies, eerie gas, foul smells haunting crying sounds etc etc…

“Look I don’t believe in such mumbo jumbos Uncle, you very well know that…”

“But I do, you know. Yes, you may think, being a police officer how can I be so unscientific…But believe me, I have seen ghosts before…”

“Yeah, yeah you told me that story a million times…Forget it. No wonder your eyes are shiny tonight…”

“Yours are too?”

“Yeah because I got a chance to prove there is no such thing as ghosts…”

“We are here, look Bakshi is standing there, and that shaggy building that is the infamous depot…”

As Uncle and Mr. Bakshi greet each other, I start observing the huge depot. Two banyan trees have grown over it. Ghost or no ghost, it is definitely haunted looking, ideal for a Conjuring Series shoot 😛

“Now my niece here does not believe in ghosts, can you believe such a small girl so brave?”, Uncle’s voice came floating to my ears from a distant.

“So, this is your notorious Ria, Chowdhury tells a lot about you.”, my first salutation from Mr. Bakshi.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Shashanka Bakshi, your Uncle’s childhood friend, now a sub-inspector of this area. I was a fan of your Dad. He was an idol for us…”, he was stopped midway by Uncle understanding my condition…

After stumbling Mr. Bakshi changed the topic, “Anyways, thank you for coming to this place both of you. I hope you know about the legends?”

“Yes”, I agreed. “But why don’t you policemen raid the place totally for evidence? One ghost versus the whole battalion?”

“Not one my dear, four…four ghosts. This place just doesn’t allow a soul to go to heavens. Cursed by the tortured lady, before jumping. Even the locals are afraid of dying here. My boss is also very afraid of this place, to order a search of this place. So I called up Roy for we were ghost hunters in our college days. We even attended many planchet sessions…”

“Oh, please you too?”

“No, my dear spirits are real. Let’s go inside and have a look. And remember the drill? If you see something extraordinary, run, just run…”

So, the three musketeers went to the front gate, and break the giant lock on it. Took some time. I looked at my watch, it’s midnight 12 AM. Perfect for the spirits to show up. We each had a torch light. As we entered, it sure looked abandoned for years. Spider waves everywhere. Dusty, misty. Absolutely no sound…Pin drop silence…We went close to the stairway.

When suddenly, the shutter that took two policemen ages to open, fell down with a rustling sound. We can hear someone re-applying the locks. Uncle rushed towards the grilled window to have a look to catch the culprit. But he was too late, no ne was there. We are stuck.

And the horror show started. A woman voice followed, laughing, laughing very hard…

“Mr. Bakshi are you alright?”, I asked the shivering guy holding my hand in fear…

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Well he is definitely out.

“How will be get out of here? Let me try calling my station for help.”

I was still calm, the sound could be from microphones fit around, but can’t find one. Then am I wrong? Is this really some sort of spirit?

“Ah! No tower, Ria check your cell phone.”

“Already did, nothing for me also.”

“Bakshi check yours!”

He was still answering my question. ”Yes yes yes yes, what is that ???”

He pointed with shocking eyes…We followed…

It was a pale, white, glowing man, peeping from a door on the other side of the stairs, with a astonished face, open mouthed, dark eyes…

“Is that be the owner?”, Uncle with a shivering voice now…

Am I really seeing a ghost? My god, my head not working now…

The bamboozled face, suddenly smiled at us, spoke out “Hello, welcome to Hell…”


To be continued… 😉

Ria Diaries…

Episode Three of a weekly detective series initiative by Pia Majumdar and me Ushnish the Crown. Stay put for the next one…cause what seems to be obvious, may not be that easy…

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