Ria Diaries Episode 1: The First Murder Case

So here I was standing, with a dead body of a lady lying, I assume to be around the age of 25-26.
“What was her age?” asked by Inspector Chowdhury, my lovely uncle.
“26”, said by a young, muscular. Ah, my assumption was right. I am always right! Lowered my spectacles in pride. Moving on…
I started observing the body closely along with the Police photographers. Went to touch the bloodspot as well.
“Don’t touch it, my niece, you know the rules!”, uncle reminded me. The others giggled a little. I know they are jealous of me, sniffing around like that.
Oh, I almost forgot, you readers don’t know who I am right? Well, I am Ria, Ria Chowdhury, a college girl, a blogger and yes, a lizard, a name given by criminals to a detective.
What??? A detective??? A girl??? Well, women demand equality in every field, why can’t I be a private investigator like Sherlock or Byomkesh Bakshi or Feluda?
Due to my prolific sixth sense from childhood days, my uncle, Inspector Roy Chowdhury, brings me to some of his cases. Well I am the brains you know ߘᅧSo, as I was observing the crime scene closely, my uncle started interrogating the two primary suspects. Mr. Agarwal and Akshit, the Father and elder brother respectively of the dead girl Raima.
Let me describe the crime scene for you. A girl lying on the floor facing upwards with closed eyes, blood everywhere, majorly coming out of her neck, which has been slit open. Some blood also on her nails. Her lips blue. No drag marks. The carcass is close to a table having a landline telephone on it, having a few blood marks. The weapon that killed her, a big knife, just beside.
“Case solved, arrest this guy!”, suddenly uncle shouted in excitement.
“How come?” I enquired.
“Ask this old murderer, and you call yourself a Father…Shame on you!”, Uncle replied.
I turned towards Mr. Agarwal. He again started muttering the same story.
“…I walked closer to her and ran the knife along her arm agonizingly slowly, making her shiver. I paused lifting the knife in the air just a centimeter above her skin, she cried, even more, trying to catch her breath.I whispered in her ear pressing the blade to her skin drawing as she squeezed her eyes shut in pain as her choked sobs filled the air. I never planned to do this to you, but, well, all things do happen for a reason, I told her…”
“Mr. Agarwal, were you a play writer or something like that?”, I asked.
“Yes, retired just a few months back. Why do you ask?”, replied by Akshit.
I turned towards Akshit, “And you Mr. Akshit? What do you have to say about this incident?”
“I work at an IT firm. I got a call from Sister, just when her neck was slashed…I came running back home. Only to see this monster, this hideous person sitting next to my sister’s dead body, my lovely sister, my only sister.” broke down in tears…
“The call came from the landline?”, I asked.
“Yes”, he replied.
On the other side, Mr. Agarwal was still murmuring the same stanza, in shock, with awe in his face.
“Why do think he did it, Mr. Akshit?”, I questioned.
“How the hell will I know, ask that creep why asking me? Officer why don’t you arrest this man?”, Akshit with an irritated and shivering tone.
“Do you have a girlfriend Akshit?”, I asked in a calm tone, without getting baffled in this turmoil.
“What?? How is this related to my beloved sister getting killed? Why would I tell you that?”
“Ria, stop bugging him, the case is closed.”, officer Chowdhury said me.
“Yeah, you should get out right now, asking silly unnecessary questions…”
“Come on a simple yes or no would do Mr. Akshit”, I insisted.
“Yes, I have so?”
“No, I think it’s hard for you to concentrate at work when your girlfriend calls you during office hours?”
“Huh, why in the world?? She knows my office hours, why would she call me then?”
“But your phone records show you talk to her continuously during your office timings, I don’t think your boss would be happy about it…”
“You are speaking shit, it is impossible, officer, stop her from accusing me of such nonsense, my phone records can never show such a result…”
“Why not?”
“Because my phone is switched off during office hours, company policy…”
“You bastard…”, Uncle shouted.
“Hahaha thank you Mr. Akshit, thank you, giving this old fool the blame of your crimes, nice, nice.”
Akshit was suddenly struck by lightning. “What how dare you??”
“You said it yourself Mr. Akshit, your cell phone is switched off during working hours. So how was it magically on today for your sister to call at that number? Why don’t you answer the second question, why would your sister take the pain to call you from the landline, when her cell phone is already present in her jeans pocket? And third, how can someone make a phone call after her losing so much blood from the throat?”
Akshit grudgingly stared at me, speechless.
“And two more things, I am sure Raima was poisoned way before, post-mortem definitely will prove it, her blue lips indicate it well. And I don’t think a body closes their eyes after being so shockingly killed. Do they Mr. Akshit? Here is my take on the whole situation. You poisoned your poor sister first. That killed her. You dragged her body near the table. The drag marks without blood are the proof. Then with a regular knife, you wanted to cut your sister’s body into pieces, to remove proof. You started off from the neck. When your Father came to the scene, got shocked seeing all these. Plus you may have medicated him as well. The reason I asked did he work at the theatre because all these dialogues feel too filmy. I know crying is not an expression after your throat is cut. But you are not good at this my friend, leaving so many clues…”
“Ahhhhh!”, Akshit tried attacking me but was stopped by the fellow policemen present there.
“You will pay, little girl, you will pay…You are on the radar…Ahhhhhh!”, his curse as he was pulled away to custody.
“Don’t be afraid niece, I will leak out answers from that guy in the lockup.”
“I am your niece, why would I be scared? But poor, Mr. Agarwal, he is still repeating the same lines. I don’t know what drug he was given. Do take care of him, uncle.”
This was my first murder case, which I shared with you all.
“I never planned to do this to you, but, well, all things do happen for a reason, I told her…”, these words continue to ring me for days.
What reason??

Ria Diaries…

Episode One of a weekly detective series initiative by me – Pia Majumdar and Ushnish the Crown. Stay put for the next one…Cause what seems to be obvious, may not be that easy…


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31 thoughts on “Ria Diaries Episode 1: The First Murder Case

  1. Yay! So you read my mind! I was longing for some detective series… Not the usual classics but something new. Even I am writing one but not too sure of publishing it here on WP! And yass! I loved the story! Waiting for next week eagerly!
    Loads of thanks💫

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