Marry The Guy Who….

  • Offers you the window seat
  • Let’s you have the last slice of pizza
  • Looks at you like you are pizza
  • Doesn’t mind you calling your favourite actor your “husband”
  • Offers to teach you his favourite video game
  • Doesn’t scoff at your 10-15 selfies an hour routine
  • Wakes you up everyday with a good morning message
  • Understands that you, like him , have a past too
  • Watchs your favourite show so that he can talk to you about it
  • Understands you can have a guy best friend
  • Treats your body as yours and not his property
  • Takes you out for a dinner on a match night
  • Offers you the last piece of chicken wings
  • Knows how to cook without making a mess
  • Cracks you up even while you are fighting
  • Is just as scared of your mum as you are
  • Has no clue about makeup and fashion-everything you do is a #win
  • Will not start reading your book while you are still Midway, finish it and tell you how it ends
  • Takes your girl gang’s dating questions seriously and allows them to use his Facebook profile to stalk their exes (actually this one you can marry twice!)
  • Goes shopping with you
  • Understands the odd timing of your job
  • Gives you your space
  • Makes a good cup of coffee
  • Is witty like SRK
  • Is neat and hygienic
  • Speaks politely to waiters
  • Takes care of you when you are just drunk/bored/angry/just feeling blah/moody
  • Knows how to surprise you
  • Who Loves you

So how many of you are celebrating valentine’s day alone,like me ?? πŸ™

54 thoughts on “Marry The Guy Who….

  1. Hahaa!! Every point is equally important for a desirable man (especially The second and third point):)
    And you know what I didnt spend Valentine’s Day alone but with myself. I guess you did too…

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