I let you down, even though i  know i promised you that i wont.

Life is full of hard and complicated choices , but it dosent mean that a single choice will shape up your future . That’s upto you my friend . For you to decide your part , and if you get lost along the way , then you have to find it again .

Human species fear losing , its in their primal insticnt to fight for what they want, what they need , and the supreme urge to defeat others and take the prize for themselves . We humans are ruled by our own urges  , and sometimes when we desire something we often ignore others around us and end up hurting them in the process.

Failure plays a big part in our life , it shapes us along with our future .

But accepting our flaws, that’s what differentiates us from the rest.

We human beings struggle with accepting failure, as we can’t cope up with the notion that failure is only for losers.  No that is not true at all. Failure only happens to those who keeps on moving through their life , pushing through obstacles and finally after battling many lost attempts , they indeed succeed .

I myself personally struggled a lot in my life, I still am . Still trying to figure out my role in this world.  But because I have amazing support behind me , the days are bearable again .

Letting down people is not easy , also its involuntary , nobody does this on purpose .finding a idea and then executing it for your whole life is not the final answer for everything , still there are many possibilities for you to venture about.

Don’t settle for anything what other people , are constantly saying you to do. Do it for you, when you are ready to do it . not in the fear of letting anyone down , but to put your head high and achieve what you ever wanted .