Are you a disappointment too?

Are you a disappointment too? Wow, what a genius thing to be.

Parents, teachers, friends, relatives, to everyone I am a disappointment, a person of no opinion, no voice and filled with bad choices.

I’m gonna say this at the beginning of this post that I don’t have an answer for you guys, you have to figure that out for yourself as I am trying for myself. The time we get the answer to how should we stop being a disappointment to these people, the people that we love so dearly, maybe our life will get a little bit on track.

A bad daughter, a bad student, a bad girlfriend, a character of poor judgment, unable to make a decision, everyone is constantly criticizing me. But nobody comes forward with any solution or explanation upon what am I supposed to do with my life. Maybe this is called being an adult, if that’s what this is, then I am fed up with being one.

I want to return to my older self, where I was appreciated, where I was recognized as a decent human being, not as a failure. Whenever I feel bad and utterly broken, I use a mantra, which helps me in unbearable situations, its – I believe I am alright, if it doesn’t kill me then I will be fine ’ and it kinda helps me.

Nobody wants to be a disappointment, it just happens because of our mentality towards others, without any knowledge of outer world we ourselves decide what is best for everyone else. That’s where two persons collide, like two meteors, after the frictional strike the situation becomes unmendable and out of hand and problems arise.

There are several people like me out there, struggling, trying to tame their inner demons, but reaching nowhere at last. I think everything is a part of life, whatever happens to us, it makes us who we are. So keep wishing for good things, without thinking whom you let down today, you can worry about that tomorrow.

Cheers guys, hope your night is not sucking like mine.

Hello guys sorry for this grim post. I hope everything is going okay with you guys, guys I wanted to share my Twitter account with everyone, so follow up if you would like to 😊😊😋

19 thoughts on “Are you a disappointment too?

  1. Just followed you on Twitter 👍 I can relate to your post. Sometimes I feel like that. I just want to go back to happier times. Sometimes life get’s depressing but I think that if we make an effort to have a positive outlook and trust God life does get better. I can say from experience that God is faithful in hearing us out and helping us. The problem isn’t that God gets away from us, unfortunately we get away from him. Cheers Pia! God bless you and thanks for being transparent with your writing.

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  2. I think other people will never ever be fully happy or completely satisfied. They will always find flaws and point them out to you much like we do with everything else. I had a similar experience with my parents recently. But as long as you’re not a disappointment in your own eyes and evaluation then it is perfectly fine. You just have to block the outside noise and do your thing because people will never be happy. So there’s no point in even trying to do so. Focus on your own self and do what makes you happy. I hope this helps. Cheers.

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