International Kolkata Book Fair 2018

The 42nd edition of the International Kolkata Book fair is underway in West Bengal and has been garnering a large crowd of avid readers from across the country.  The fair, dubbed as the world’s largest book fair, is being organised at Central Park Mela Complex at Salt Lake in Karunamayee.

The interactive sessions at the Kolkata Book Fair has authors from various countries including Russia, Colombia, Spain, Scotland, Australia, France, USA and Bangladesh who will interact with the visitors in various sessions and panels. The organisers have also made special wi-fi zones for the visitors at the venue, which I did not get even after trying for 10 min straight.

Really really loved this fair, as it was my first Kolkata book fair. But it was too hot to handle, I litereally was fainting from the sun, such a bad and hot weather which I did not expect.


The food was good, I tasted hot spicy momos, ice cream and a cola. But unfortunately couldn’t click the pictures as I was very much hungry so I gobbled pretty much everything down as soon as I got them. Anyways I clicked a lot of art section things, I mean handmade painted greeting cards and wall décor. I watched an uncle paint in front of, without giving a piece of mind to visitors, he just went on creating masterpieces.

Without further ado, here are the pictures, enjoy guys(let me know how are they, I literally poured sweat and tears more sweat into my pictures 😉 )







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