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Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the holidays with a dash of cold weather, I need a suggestion from you guys.

Can you suggest me books of any genre that you like. for my new year resolution, which is to read new books every month, atleast 2 a month minimum.

I used to read a book in 3 days during my schoold years;  lol, sorry that no. has shrunk now  🙂

Anyways, keep posting guys, cheers  🙂

19 thoughts on “Reading list

  1. If you like classic romances, I would recommend any by Jane Austen. (Pride and Prejudice or Emma to start maybe 😌)
    If you want a YA series that good I recommend the Hollow trilogy! But for now, I’ll stop. But seriously if you want more, I’ll give you all kinds! 😁 good luck!!

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      1. Okay. Wasn’t sure about those, but they’re faves of mine so decided to do it anyways!
        The most “adventure” I got into is really Harry Potter 😂 haha jk I’ve probably gotten into more! I’ve read Sherlock Holmes, too. Sci-fi I never got into 100%. I’m more into fantasy I guess. I’ll keep thinking of some more for you! ❤️


  2. I’m pre-med so naturally, I’m obsessed with books that talks about science and medicine. I highly highly recommend “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” This book is based on a real life story about a girl named Henrietta and when she found out that she developed cancer, she also found out something about her that makes her different from every other human in the world. This book is easy to read and it won New York Times Bestseller and also Book of The Year. Check it out!!

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