Don’t know why

Bespectacled and plump, Rohit Shetty, appeared more like a stamp collector than a mass murderer. While visiting his family during puja holidays in 2016, the 14 year-old, school going kid read a Dostoevsky novel upstairs while his mom, dad, and sister huddled around a TV downstairs. After he was finished reading he bathed, put on a suit, and walked downstairs with a revolver and a knife. He was often the ‘droll‘ joke of the house and it pissed him off.

He shot his sister Sheeny,right between the eyes, killing her with one bullet. He planted 5 bullets in his mother and gutted his father several times, who finally succumbed while crawling to the kitchen for safety.


Rohit then went to see a movie, tossed his gun and knife in a river, then came back home and notified police that his parents had been murdered. Officers became suspicious at his emotionless demeanor. A family doctor who was visiting the crime scene finally persuaded Rohit to confess. He did, adding that he felt absolutely nothing while killing his parents and later claiming, “I just don’t know why I did it.” He was executed by hanging in November 2016.


This is purely fiction guys, don’t freak out.

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