Doubting your own self worth

Hello guys , sorry it’s not a usual kinda post , as I don’t have any solution for this topic. All I can do is guide you a bit. Anyways read on and decide what you want to do with your life, are you gonna suffer relentlessly or you gonna take charge and break the wheel 😉

Doubting your own self worth at every step becomes tedious after a while. Now this is coming from a perfection freak , who just like you happens to be the terrible victim of doubting her own self even in little things too.

People always try to demotivate us , belittle us , trying to find their own gain in our misery. But they don’t know how much we are actually suffering and hurting within ourselves.

Sometimes even our relatives also don’t spare us they are like evil spawned on earth. Some of them can’t even tolerate the happiness in our lives , wow , jealous much?

I never wanted to be like you , I always tried to be a better version of myself from yesterday. What I learned today , should help me tomorrow.

And if you continue to question yourself at every second , the task of succeeding slides farther and farther away. From what I have learned, sometimes it’s best to block everyone around you , and focus what you wanted to do at the first place. It is not easy as it seems, but it’s tried and tested method guys 😉

There will always be a block in our way , but its upto you , what you will do with it. Either you can surpass it , or you halt your journey and be stuck forever. All of it , is upto you.

Unfurl yourself to new possibilities and spread your wings , don’t hold yourself back. Trust me , it’s not worth it much. You only live once. I applied the same thing to myself and followed my blogging dream surpassing a lot of troubles , since then I am glad i did it . 🙂

I hope you guys find this post a lil bit motivating. 🙂

Check this podcast guys 😊

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