Those issues which you have

Is the reason why we are apart

Cause if you don’t love me

You won’t find anybody else

We have come so far

We can’t turn back now

By by your side,

I will always be by your side

Don’t know what you are so afraid of

I am here right now with you

But I won’t be for long

If u keep pushing me away

Strip down all your fears baby

And all of your unending issues

We will get all the permissions we need

For that special day of us

Don’t fear my love,

Instead, focus on what we have now

Not what horrors our future holds for us

Today is all we got to make em count

Hey guys don’t mind me , i just rambled on after a long time and posted 🙂 Sorry i was kinda busy this week with my sister’s wedding and two new adorable piggies. ❤ Dont mind me and enjoy the post.