Unique Blogger Award: 2017


I am still kinda new to this blogging world, and I got nominated for this award , well it’s an honour in itself ,thanks a lot dr for nominating me (yayy  🙂 ).

 A big thank you for Holly (https://bloggerinablogworld.com/ ) , for nominating me. Guys  check out Holly’s blogs , they are really amazing ,  I will highly recommended checking out Holly’s  post and giving a follow , also she has written about  GOT , what more could you want  😉



The rules are as follows:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.


My Answers:


  • What are the goals you have set for your blog and how do you hope to achieve those goals?

Pia There was always only a single goal actually, to continue my writing with the same passion with which I started my blogging journey. And I hope to carry on my writing till my old age ;-). I know it sounds a bit corny , but it’s the truth. Also I plan to post atleast 3 times a week. I hope to keep it up. I have seen many people in wp, after some months they abandon their sites full of writings , why? They think that they made a mistake. I think they created their individual sites out of boredom , that’s why they couldn’t find their actual interest why they started writing in the first place.

God I hope that doesn’t happen to me 😉 .  Nope never gonna happen.


  • What inspires you to write, especially when you have writer’s block?

 Pia Will you believe me if I say , whenever a fight happens , it truly inspires me to write. Lol , he’s gonna laugh so hard while reading this  😉  J.  I find my inspiration from sadness,   whenever I am sad , I just vent my feelings through writings.

I love to read novels , they are my drug (kinda lil bookworm nerd ❤ ), so my inspiration actually comes from vast no. of scenarios and imagination.


  • Give a random fact about yourself !

Pia- I am a foodie bookworm nerd , who also lives for tv series . Kinda complicated ri8? I love novels, fictions , poems , anything with a good content actually. Throughout my site , there are several Game of Thrones and food references, so nerd alert again. Its totally random fact guys , thanks a lot for reading <3<3




My Nominees are:




Now its my turn – Questions for the blogger’s nominated:


  • What inspires you to write, when you have absolutely nothing to write about , completely blank?
  • What inspired you to take up writing ?
  • Do you think writing dark fiction hinders our aspect and imagination of a creative mind? 😉







15 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award: 2017

  1. Lol I totally understand the sadness induced word vomit! I do it too! I’m starting to see a LOT of similarities between us ! I don’t mean to be narcissistic but was that first line for me? I’m confused…


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