The Girl Of My Dreams

​The Girl Of My Dreams , a famous novel written by Indian writer Durjoy Dutta, is an amazing romantic thriller, captivating, and kind of psychotic and dangerous at the same time. 

The Girl Of My Dreams is not an usual love story. It will spin and shake your world around you and it will make you wonder to how length can you go to prove and get hold of who you love.
The main protagonist- Daman , is your typical engineering student , fed up from his regular and monotonous job and decides to become a writer.

He suffers an unfortunate car accident on his trip to Goa, which changes his life and himself.

To come to terms with his memory lapse he starts piecing together stories about himself and Shreyasi , the girl who was also with him in his car during the accident  from his dreams, which he then turns into a hugely popular blog. When he’s offered a lucrative publishing deal to convert his blog pieces into a novel, he signs up immediately. However, he gives in to editorial pressure and agrees to corrupt the original edgy character of Shreyasi. Big mistake. From then on Daman is stalked and threatened by a terrifying beauty who claims to be Shreyasi and who will stop at nothing to make him pay for being a sell-out. Before Daman fights back, he needs to know: Is she really who she claims to be? What does she want from him now? What if he

doesn’t do what she wants him to? The Girl of My Dreams is definitely not your usual love story.

It’s a thriller, romcom, heartbreaking tale all at once. 

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