Volume – a word of infinite meanings

via Daily Prompt: Volume

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

–    Martin Luther King, Jr.

For me , my understanding of volume is limitless , its applicable to vast things . For example – the value of π (pi), the capacity of secrets a person can hold on , the infinite and limitless volume of ocean and so on … the list goes on.
Is it weird that even after dating someone for a whole year, I still feel afraid and vulnerable to lose him?  Yup it also defines volume, of fear of losing someone. It’s one of these nagging feelings that just won’t go away  , even after I have been reassured several times otherwise. Maybe it’s  because when you lose someone the first time, our heart closes all ties of future reenactment.

Even after accepting finite disappointments , I never lost hope , and after 3 years got him back. But these 3 years have not been easy , writing about it in a blog also can’t make people understand the pain , frustration , hopelessness behind it. A women’s heart is indeed full of secrets like an ocean – vast and deep.

But now after getting him back , there’s always this nagging and awful feeling , what happened in the past may repeat itself again , and that’s not what I want , nor does anybody. I can’t make him understand why I still feel this way , I love him a lot but the feeling is still there , somewhere.  Still unsure why.

In my view, volume is not only related to math’s, but to various things.  Like myself I applied it to vent my feelings and express my fears. Also the feeling of uncertainty of what tomorrow holds for me , hope it’s good .


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