Fancy dinners are often an excuse for women to bring out the high heels and expensive dresses. They’ve probably spent hours trying out various styles and lipstick shades, before settling on an ensemble. The last thing they want are plans to go awry so any dry-cleaning that has to be done and insoles that have to be bought, are taken care of well in advance. And then the boyfriend turns up in a collared tee shirt (“It’s too hot for a shirt, babe”) or sneakers (“My foot slips off the clutch when I’m in formal shoes, honey”). There is blinding rage. There are unreasonable accusations. There might even be a break-up. Not to defend the boyfriend’s wardrobe nonchalance (that’s a separate argument altogether), but if one of your girlfriends had turned up in shorts and chappals, would you have sworn never to be her friend again?

Possibly not. Women, it seems, set impossible and often hypocritical standards for the lover. His printed shirts are god-awful, his beard is unbearably unkempt, his table manners don’t exist, sometimes he even pronounces an uncommon English word wrong! Engagements may have broken up over the wrong pair of brogues. What makes women more high-handed with their partners than with their friends?

Is it because we think we are judged more severely by the men we date than by the company we keep? Partners, of course, are a reflection of ourselves, and while a man might let it pass if his girlfriend turns up for dinner with his family in unbecoming flip-flops, a woman is likely to be raging for days.
A girl fesses up to her sins…

♦ Even if he is five minutes late, I am fuming from the ears. It’s totally okay when I’m late though, or even when my friends are.
♦ If my friends forget to call me back, I’m perfectly chilled out. But if he forgets, it boils my blood.
♦ If his shoes don’t match his belt or if they are not polished, I get really angry. But if it’s one of  my guy friends it’s totally “cool bro”!
♦ When iam bored  i send my friends PJs. When I am busy, I play the put-upon prima donna. When he is busy, I throw the most god-awful tantrums to make sure he has the fear of god in his soul.
♦ For my guy gang filthy language, skipped showers,  and torn ganjee is par for the course. But god help the boyfriend if he drops one F-bomb too many. As for clothes, he knows better!
♦ When I expect him to wear a blazer and he turns up in a kurta instead, there is RAGE. When a male friend comes for a fancy dinner in a baggy T-shirt, I pull his leg. And I don’t think I would threaten to break up with my best friend if she turned up in a regular salwar-kameez instead of a dress.

Do you think girls set impossibly high standards for boyfriends?